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Tenki ga ii kara, sanposhimashou!
Люблю фандом.
Заявка с кинк-феста: Kamina (from Gurren Lagann) / Two-Face or Harvey. Kink: bondage. "I believe in Harvey Dent.". "Don't believe in yourself! Believe in me, who believes in you!" ©

(Да, я всё ещё не посмотрела Гуррен Лаганн, но это не мешает мне веселиться)

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Tenki ga ii kara, sanposhimashou!

Tenki ga ii kara, sanposhimashou!
[Character A] was aroused that morning by the knocking on his door.

I know, from context, that you mean roused, author. Aroused =/= roused. But thank you for making my morning with your English!fail. Unless I've missed something this entire time, and there's something about door-knocking that makes this guy hot.

(Комменты по традиции жгут)
В комментах же наткнулась заново на старую добрую страницу Have A Gay Old Time, а оттуда извлекла лучший образец этого тропа вообще :gigi:

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Фэндом жжот :D

Tenki ga ii kara, sanposhimashou!
As I was seeing Star Trek for the fourth time tonight (holler at my new Seattle/Vancouver/Portland buddies!) I decided to do the impossible; I decided to count the lens flares.

So how many did I count?



And that was without counting all of them in the credits. By that point, my brain had had enough.
I know that I missed some but this is to just give a rough estimate.


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Tenki ga ii kara, sanposhimashou!
It says a lot about a fic when the name Tractor would make more sense than the one chosen for the OC. D:

(из обсуждения неудачных имён для русских новых персонажей)

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Tenki ga ii kara, sanposhimashou!
К вопросу об избыточных определениях в художественных текстах. :)

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Tenki ga ii kara, sanposhimashou!
Шутка для заставших великие ЖЖшные скандалы '07 из комментов в xkcd_rss.

собственно комикс


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Полезная ссылка: avatar.wikia.com/wiki/Writing_in_the_World_of_A... Там есть почти все имена и названия! Они всё-таки по-китайски пишут, ага.

ETA только что узнала: they are taking away the Chinese Hanzi from the film and making up their own non-existent language
*пятиминутка ненависти*
...ок, ок, раз они в фильме все белые и индусы, то с чего бы им использвать китайскую письменность. Логика, конечно, имеется - только очень неприятная.

ETA-2, каждая очередная новость всё чудесатее и чудесатее. Исполнитель роли Озая о своём костюме: "It's sort of like a cross between Roman and kind of Greek, [a] gold, Roman and Greek military/samurai military [uniform]."
Лорд страны Огня Озай, древнеримский самурай. Блистательно! Кем у нас амазонки с острова Кёси окажутся, интересно?

ЕТА-3: "ну почему бы им не сменить наконец и имена для полноты картины", вопрошает народ и немедля получает пример: "Arnold and his flying buffalo, Fido, are awakened form a 100-year slumber by two Water Tribe children, Katie and Sam, and are chased around the world by the banished prince of the Fire Nation, Zach, and his tea-loving uncle, Ivan." ©
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FFR бывает очень познавательным

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Не только Россию иностранцы считают диким местом. Европе, Австралии и даже Америке тоже не везёт:

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16.04.2008 в 11:11
Пишет sistermagpie:

I just found out that M. Night Shyamalan is going to direct the movie of Avatar: The Last Airbender (though now it's just The Last Airbender because of James Cameron).

That's weird, isn't it? Apparently he's writing the sсript, too. Now I just keep wondering what the twist will be:

Aang's really been dead all this time and doesn't realize it.

The Fire Nation is really the modern world.

Sokka is the Fire Lord and he started the war to find his equal.

All this time, it's the elements who have really been bending them!

URL записи

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Комментаторы в англоязычных аналогах проды суровы и злоязыки :gigi:

his warm lips was on hers like rain drops on roses

And in the morning, when he hasn't shaved yet, it'll be like whiskers on kittens. However, please note that warm woollen mittens are not to be used as a contraceptive device, and I'm really not sure I want to see his package tied up with string.

Источник здесь, а стянула отсюда (занятное сообщество, бтв).

@настроение: это уже МДВ или ещё нет? :lol:

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Люблю FanficRants

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Heian era? Would not have Valentine's and White Day.

Комментарий innervoice-chan:

Holy jeez, can you imagine how many chocolates Genji would have had to give if that were true? Or how many he would have gotten?

On the other hand, I would have loved to see what Sei Shonagon made of the whole drama-prone mess. (Hateful Things: An acquaintance comes to pay a White Day visit, and it becomes clear that he has mistaken one's obligation chocolates for something more. He has brought entirely inappropriate gifts, but it is impossible to decline them. Oh, how hateful!)


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Dear America,

please stop it. Your OMC, Obama, is the worst Sue I've seen in a long time. Your WIP has been going on for a while now, with frequent updates, but so far, we haven't seen a single flaw. Coolest guy in town, funny, smart as a particularly smart whip, easily catches the eye of every swing state, about to adopt a puppy... even rappers like him. Rappers! The world is a hostile place. Suspicious European governments aren't going to be excited to the point of dribbling on their shirts the moment he appears on their doorstep. 200,000 people in Berlin? Come on. That name alone. Seriously, what's with people and their love for unusual names? John and Bill are perfectly fine for a president. Or Milhous. Even worse, your John McCain is completely OOC. That man's a war hero, he's not going to suddenly, I don't know, campaign with a fake plumber or something, just to make your character look better. Even more ridiculous: al Qaeda endorsing McCain to show how awesome your Sue is. And I'm not even talking about Sarah Palin. The world doesn't work that way.

However, the worst thing is the puppy. Please, don't let him have a puppy. If that happens, the planet will spontaneously combust to be replaced by a big ball of fluff and sunshine. Seriously. Al Gore was bad enough--Oscar AND Nobel Prize, puh-lease--but at least he had the decency to lose the election. For the love of puppies, give us some flaws, something to work with, okay?

Lots of love,


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Прекрасное из некоего фанфика с участием Шопена:

"My last lover was a man by the name of George Sand."

(взяла отсюда)


Любимое сообщество опять порадовало :-D Теперь хочу кроссовер.


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